In 2030 127,000 specialists are missing in Upper Austria

2030 missing in Upper Austria 127,000 professionals

LINZ. 127,000 skilled workers will be absent from Upper Austria's economy in 2030, according to the most recent forecast of the Fachschaftsmonitor.

 There are 127,000 skilled workers missing in Upper Austria in 2030

There is a lack of skilled workers in all regions. Picture: colourbox

"The forecasts illustrate the considerable increase in the skilled labor shortage in all regions," says Deputy Governor Michael Strugl (ÖVP). Two years ago, the forecast was still at 136,000 professionals.

According to Monitor, a rather modest bottleneck on skilled workers of a relatively 2.3 percent has been recorded this year. The demand potential exceeds the supply potential by 16,000 professionals.

While the demographic development in Upper Austria is expected to lead to a decline of about eight percent (currently 670,000 professionals to 2,030 615,000 professionals), demand is expected to reverse , By 2030, 56,000 more skilled workers are forecasted to be in demand than in 2018, with an expected demand potential of 742,000 skilled workers.

Relatively missing 17.1 percent

Developments in supply and demand lead to an expected bottleneck for 2030 in the long run 127,000 professionals, which corresponds to a relative shortage of 17.1 percent.

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