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The controversial platform released a report on Sunday explaining how easy it is to make ends meet with $ 150 a month. "Uncensored" relies on information from a reader who had reported to the editors and reported on his experiences. In June 2015, that reader needed just 130 euros – and it even worked out to feed three (!) People.


What do you think: Does one get away with 150 euros a month?

The money was spent mindfully only for food, other fixed costs are not included.

How should this work? Very easily! "If you shop properly, you get loose with 150 euros a month," it says. As evidence serves a grocery list ( Note: an excerpt of it in the photo series ).

Bread, rice, cabbage come on the plate

Will you from 5 Euro at Can live day, so one must pay attention to special offers and just skilfully shopping. For example, one kilogram of rice is sufficient for at least ten meals, apples are sold at the discount shop in kilo sacks, and cabbage, pasta and potatoes can be cooked for a whole family at very reasonable prices.

For example, meat is cheap to buy at Meiselmarkt. "You can buy a whole loaf of bread for one euro or 1.20 euros, of which you can live for several days – one kilo of white cabbage costs even less, but you can use it to fill a whole pot," it continues.

Buy sanitary articles in stock

As far as hygiene articles are concerned, they are often in action and could then be bought at low prices in large quantities. The need is thus covered for months, if not for a year. After each refrigerator has a freezer compartment anyway, you can freeze a lot and cook in advance.

Whether this lifestyle will pay off in the long run, and whether this is actually life – rather than survival – is an open question. In any case, according to the article, the "uncensored" fan was shocked by the reports and fully supported the statements of FPÖ Social Affairs Minister Beate Hartinger-Klein.

Health does not matter?

Via Twitter there are already first reactions to the report of the FPÖ-related platform. So a user writes: "Exist yes, live no! Health? No matter". Another summarizes what is certainly not possible with 150 euros per month, including a "varied & healthy diet, mobility and a sensible clothing & personal care."

Minister Beate Hartinger-Klein (FPÖ) had said last week in connection with a conversation about the reduction of the minimum security that you could live with 150 euros a month, if the apartment would be paid , Since then there has been a lot of discussion about the topic.

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