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In the "ZiB 2" Monday evening defended Harald Vilimsky the controversial statements of the liberal social minister Beate Hartinger-Klein, according to which one can live with 150 euros a month, if the housing costs are not included.

Vilimsky said, starting point was It was the question of a journalist and "she only referred to it in a general way, and this reduction of the minimum income aims to ensure that those from immigration and asylum who are with us are not receiving the same as an Austrian who has paid many years ". Vilimsky pointed out that the minister was developing into a problem for the FPÖ. On the contrary, if one looks at the values ​​of approval for this government, then has never been in Austria in recent years a government with such high approval. "

List Pilz announces parliamentary inquiry

The List Pilz announced a parliamentary inquiry on the subject. They wanted to find out if there are any concrete calculations in the ministry that make up the figure of 150 Euros as sufficient living minimum. According to MEP Daniela Holzinger, Social Affairs Minister Hartinger-Klein "had thrown around in recent days with fantasy figures," while the debt counseling shows how much you need in Austria at least to live, so that a modest social participation can be secured (currently around 1,416 [See also: Holzinger in one of his editions.]

"If the debt counseling alone indicates health expenditure at 34 euros, clothing at 51 euros and body care at 30 euros a month, I would like to know from the social minister how Their monthly calculation example looks like, which gives 150 euros as needs-based, "commented Holzinger Hartinger-Klein's 150-Euro-Sager.

Vilimsky:" Did not nominate Juncker to be a drunkard "

However, Vilimsky has his criticism of EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker reaffirmed, stressing in the daily newspaper "Österreich" (Tuesday), Junck he "not appointed a drunkard". "What bothers me so much about the person Juncker, is the nature of his performance". Vilimsky continues: "When international heads of state are guests, he wiggles his necktie, giving light slaps". The following criticism of President Alexander Van der Bellen on him sees the FPÖ General Secretary as "Order".

» What bothers me so much about the person Juncker, is the nature of his appearance "

For the coming EU election in 2019, where Vilimsky advocates a right-wing alliance, Vilimsky said he could imagine taking on the German AfD: "Of course, all who fit under this roof". That's why he does not see a "Nazi touch". "It has to be fair, it's a young party, there's a bunch of junk," Vilimsky said to "Austria."

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