Cobra prevents detonation with shots

Several smaller explosions made the inhabitants of the Wiener Neustädter Gymelsdorfer Vorstadt wince on Monday the 30th of July. The origin of the crackers were controlled shots by COBRA officials on a burning acetylene gas cylinder in a production hall in the middle of the inhabited area in the course of firefighting operations, writes the press team of the fire department Wiener Neustadt on its homepage.

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The workers of a metalworking company in Gymelsdorfer Gbade reacted immediately exemplary when the first flames hit the gas cylinder. The workers were able to quickly extinguish the flames using hand-held fire extinguishers. However, since the bottle was leaking and therefore there was an acute danger of explosion, the workers evacuated the company and contacted the fire department.

Fire brigade moved out

Shortly after the announcement, the fire brigade Wiener Neustadt moved to the site with several vehicles. As one of the first on the spot, the chief of operations BR Josef Bugnar prompted an increase in the alert level to the highest category B4, causing the sirens to howl. "Since the production hall was located in a built-up area and there were still other potentially explosive objects in the danger area, siren alarms were required in order to have sufficient forces in the event of an explosion.

Especially in the initial phase If there was an acute risk of explosion, the fire brigade also cleared out an opposite multi-party house, "said fire chief Bugnar on site. The leaking gas bottle was permanently cooled by means of a water cannon to reduce the danger of explosion. For this purpose, a special launcher was installed, which works independently without human intervention, so as to protect the emergency services.

Commando Cobra shot at gas cylinder

As usual in such situations, Cobra was summoned to shoot up the leaking bottle remotely without endangering emergency personnel. The special ammunition used here causes a controlled burning of the escaping gas. However, it came to several small explosions, which came from both the shots as well as the suddenly igniting gas.

© Fire Brigade Wiener Neustadt

© Fire Department Wiener Neustadt

The bottle was then inspected with thermal imaging cameras. After the danger was averted, all the forces could come in again. The fire department Wiener Neustadt was in action with seven vehicles and 36 men. In addition, the Red Cross, the police and the task force COBRA was in action. The Wiener Neustädter Magistratsdirektor Mag. Markus Biffl was also present to get an idea of ​​what was happening.

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