Children want more family

Almost half of the children who have been interviewed by the Kinderfreunde Oberösterreich within the scope of a study wish more time with the family. The parents should also work with their own mobile phones.

The fact that parents can always be reached by mobile phone has a negative effect on family life, according to one of the results of the survey. "If the dad is already so long in the work and then he is on the weekend at home even on the phone, that's annoying," said one of the interviewed children. In order to promote times free of mobile phones, the children's friends are in the process of developing a mobile phone garage made of cardboard.

Joint ventures are required

93 elementary school children were questioned in the spring. 41 percent would like to spend more time with their family, says Kinderfreunde's country chairman Roland Schwandner. In addition to the lack of attention, especially children would disturb disputes, says study author Angelika Palzer-Reindl of the Kinderfreunden.

In view of the current political developments and the introduction of the 12-hour day is located at the SPÖ apron organization urgent action, because The 12-hour day would have a negative impact on families, according to Schwandner.

The important thing for the children is to eat together or do something, such as family outings or celebrations, according to a study by Kinderfreunde. [19659003] link:

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