Bells ring against hunger

On Friday, the church bells ring for five minutes on Friday at 15:00 on the initiative of Caritas. This is to call attention to hunger. Also parishes in Lower Austria participate in the action.

"Every ten minutes a child dies of hunger or its consequences," said Caritas President Michael Landau. For this reason, ring the church bells in Austria 3,000 parishes, including 907 in Lower Austria, five minutes – exactly at the hour of Jesus' death at 15.00 clock. Caritas wants to send out a sign of solidarity.

The action is intended to show that it is possible to alleviate the famine, emphasized Diocesan Bishop Alois Schwarz. Landau referred again to the drastic numbers. 815 million people would suffer from hunger worldwide. Especially countries south of the Sahara are affected.

Action to help 150,000 children

Landau appealed to the support of each individual – because: "As long as there is hunger in the world, we as a society have failed." With the action " Bells ringing against hunger ", the charity has set itself the goal of saving 150,000 children in 15 African and Asian countries from the long-term consequences of starvation and malnutrition.


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