Autumn holidays: "The minister needs to be careful"

Autumn holidays: "The minister needs to be careful"

Vienna / Linz. The teaching union, Paul Kimberger, advises the Minister of Education Faßmann to scientific analysis and he is welcomes the country's solution.

Autumn holidays:

Head of Union, Paul Kimberger (l.) And Minister of Education Heinz Fassmann: Tricky Causa Holiday Autumn Image: APA / HANS KLAUS TECHT

The weekend had much debate about the Minister for Education Heinz Fassmann (VP) initiative to take autumn holidays from 26 October to 2 November. As stated by OÖNachrichten alone, he proposes two types: a united solution across the country where the free Tuesday is free after Easter and Pentecost and that it will rest of autumn holidays to ensure the school's devolution days; or regulations in the united states, where only school devolution days are used.

"The Minister needs to be careful," said Paul Kimberger, the head of a compulsory school teacher from Upper Austria: "His subject is very emotional." He believes that Faßmann's approach is correct, but it is difficult to settle everything.

At the same time, Kimberger warns that the different weekend extended during the spring could attack the autumn holidays. The families were well received, especially where schools are well-educated; vote well.

That is why the Christian craft union welcomes a uniform solution throughout the country, where Tuesday is followed after Easter and Pentecost left as days off. Then there would be less fewer school devolution days for autumn holidays.

Kimberger also advises Faßmann to "enter the education science path". So you should check out the best holiday arrangements. By describing data and facts, one can stop "soon before the next holiday preparation begins".

Kimberger also sees other teacher unions in particular behind his thoughts. In fact, the subject is not very important for the teachers' representatives. The autumn holidays aim at the VP-FP partnership regime program. "We do not do this actively, but we do not stand in a good solution, under the care of education."

Vice President and Education Officer of Upper Austria Christine Haberlander (VP) also wants to have a "forced education" decision and a decision to dress around the country. No extra day should be off.

Haberlander: "It was not 2020"

The politician also welcomes the autumn holiday that is included only in the & # 39; school year 2020/21. "Because many parents have already done the 2017 plan"

Over the next couple of days and weeks, the subject should be discussed by the Education Directors of the Länder and then with the Landesreferenten.

As stated, student representatives prefer to make part of the summer holidays instead of the school's devolution days, and among parents' representatives there is no united attitude. Faßmann is damaged because it is difficult to find consensus.

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