Again child (4) drowned almost in the bathroom – Upper Austria

The series of serious incidents during bathing does not break. On Tuesday in Ebelsberger Kinderbad came again to a dangerous situation.

At lunchtime, a 4-year-old boy ran around alone in the area of ​​about 1.20 meters deep swimming pool. The attentive lifeguard (58) admonished the mother and the child because she was walking alone and above all without swimming aid.

But despite all the warnings, the lifeguard noticed just this child in the pelvis only a short time later. The boy was swimming motionless with his head down in the water.

The lifeguard responded with lightning speed immediately pulled the already unconscious boy out of the water and started resuscitation.

After about a minute, the boy came back to himself. The arriving emergency physician then took over the further measures. The boy was taken from the rescue in the MedCampus IV and is out of danger to life. The child stays in the ICU for overnight observation.

To avoid such accidents, the police notes, "Parents or other caregivers are solely responsible for overseeing children in recreational and bathing facilities

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