69th Berlinale: Golden Br for "Synonyms" by Nadav Lapid

69th Berlinale: Golden Br for "Synonyms" by Nadav Lapid

Berlin. The "Synonyms" drama by Israeli leader Nadav Lapid has won Goldene Bren at the 69th Berlinale. This was named at the jury on a Saturday afternoon in Berlin.

Nadav Lapid at his awards ceremony Image: REUTERS / HANNIBAL HANSCHKE

Berlinale is one of the most important film festivals in the world by Cannes and Venice. This is the first time that a leader from Israel will winning Goldene Bren.

There are "Naming Names" about Young Yoav (Tom Mercier) from Tel Aviv, who wants to go beyond. He will move to Paris and learn French fluently as he does not want to go to; speak Hebrew more. The story is based on the Nadav Lapid biography.

Lapid was born in 1975 in Tel Aviv, moved to Paris after his military service and back again. "I think these are the questions that people face across the world: how long can we open our image and develop a new one? , "said Lapid about his movie. Co-production of the French-Israel-Germans was most popular among critics.

The French leader Francois Ozon was awarded a jury award Saturday night with "Glory to be God's" about evil in the Catholic Church. The best players are given to Yong Mei and Wang Jingchun Chinese: They play in the & # 39; "So Long, My Son" couple for 30 years.

a & # 39; Money Br The best script is going to a crew about the writer and his / her; mafia creator, Robert Saviano. Italy introduced the film "Piranhas" into Berlinale, which tells of a youth group in Naples to spread into drug trafficking. Writer-player Rasmus Videbk was also honored for his "special artistic performance" in the Scandinavian film "Stealing Horses".

German candidates were also successful at the 69th International Film Festival. So Silver Silver went to best director Angela Schanelec. The 57-year-old says "I was at home, but" how a mother will deal with her husband's death. He is also a film about the arts itself.

The "Systemsprenger" drama was German director, Nora Fingscheidt, Alfred Bauer Award. This respects a movie that "opens new scenes". The movie is about a brutal girl who was pushed from one room to the next one, and pushed the youth welfare system to her borders. The donation at the Viennese film maker Nikolaus Geyrhalter "Earth" won the Kumenan speech. It was also suggested that the film "Clann nan Deadar", which was Jelinek adaptation the two Naturalists of the makers of Oklahoma Kelly Copper and Pavol Liska. He received the FIPRESCI Award from the International Film Writers Association.

Dieter Kosslick was led by Berlinale for the final tour this year. Minister of State for the German Culture, Monika Grtters, Kosslick praised the "real film warrior". It is always the Berlinale situation in front of controversial discussions of our time. Under Kosslick, Berlinale has been the largest public festival. This program was about 400 films this year. According to Kosslick, two leadership leaders: Carlo Chatrian's artistic director will be the new artistic director in Berlinale, with Mariette Rissenbeek as managing director.

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