Australians can now find eBay bargains by simply yelling on their Google Home


Great news for Australian shoppers who also use Google Assistant: a new feature has arrived just in time for Christmas, allowing you to use voice commands to search for products on eBay, as well as find the value of a particular item that could be waiting to sell.

If you use the "Ask eBay" or "Talk to eBay" commands, the Wizard will allow you to search for the product you are looking for from over sixty million listings on .au, automatically selecting the best offer you find.

When using this function from your Google Home (or Google Home Mini ), the Wizard will ask you if you want to send this product to your phone, which will allow you to continue. browsing on your device, offering what eBay calls "a unique personal shopping experience that can start in your kitchen, living room or your car, and continue on your phone."

Lazy Market Research

The other characteristic to introduce is the ability to determine the price range at which a particular product is sold, using the command "How much is it worth?". For example: "How much is my iPhone 6 worth?" This can be very useful if you are looking to sell something and you need to know what it is worth.

This task includes the possibility of restricting certain criteria, such as whether it is new or used, what version of the product it may be, and so on, to provide the most accurate value estimate.

This feature works on any Assistant-enabled device, be it Google Home, Home Mini or Android and iOS devices with the Google Assistant application, and is now available to Australian users.

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