Australian pub banned local emus after defecating in building, stealing toast

There is nothing worse than going to a pub for a good drink, and then a rowdy emu ruining everyone’s night.

A pair of emu have been banned from the only pub in a small Australian town after allegedly causing several disturbances inside the business. Apparently, the animals were caught dropping on the floor and stealing toast from customers.

According to the locals, the Ames are large animals and stand up to just 6 and a half feet high when standing upright.
(Leanne Byron via AP)

The two emus in Yarca, in western Queensland, Kevin and Carroll have become a bit of a tourist attraction in the small town, The Guardian reports. Originally part of a group of nine emus whose eggs were hatched in the city, Kevin and Carol are the only two who did not move away from the area or die.

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According to the locals, Emus are large animals and stand at a height of just 6 feet.

Last week, the pair reportedly started entering the pub at the Yarka Hotel and things were not going well. The pair recently learned how to walk the front steps of the hotel, the Associated Press reported.

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Hotel co-owner Gerry Gimblett told The Guardian, “They have been stealing things from the guests, especially their food.” They stick their head in the toast with the toaster. But the main reason we have banned them is their drops. They are huge, very large and very stinky, and have produced great stains. “

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To keep the animals out, Gimble allegedly installed a piece of rope at the hotel entrances to act as a barrier to keep the emus outside the building. Kevin and Carol reportedly have not yet learned to duck under the rope, the Associated Press reported.

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