Australian map "Outback" by Rainbow Six Siege revealed

Ubisoft has officially presented the trailer for Rainbow Tome by Six Siege Map 21 that is sent along with the update of the content of the fourth season of Year Four titled Operation Burnt Horizon. Titled "Outback" to match the Burnt Horizon Australians, this brand is located at a remote stop where a pbading nuclear convoy stopped while under attack, forcing locals and customers to flee and causing the Rainbow Six Call teams incoming.

Operation Burnt Horizon will also be a pair of new playable operators for Rainbow Six Siege, which we think are called Gridlock and Mozzie. They are members of the Australian Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) and have the skills to catch roaming advocates and capture attacking drones.

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Welcome to the Outback! Located in the Red Heart of Australia, this map is a tribute to all the dusty service stations and motels that populate the forgotten highways of the continent, places full of working locals and menu items of specialties that you will not find anywhere else:

According to the Assistant Level Design Director, Jacques Wong, the favorite maps of the Oregon and Clubhouse fans were the main inspiration in the design of Outback:

"We divided the map into three different sections: the Garage, the Motel and the Restaurant, and put a lot of effort into making sure that each section is recognizable, even from far away. There are specific colors for each section, and we use lighting and geometry to direct the player's gaze to where they should go. "

One of the design principles of Outbreak was to embrace one of the oldest styles of play and at the same time admit the current goal. That means, fewer doors and paths until the operators believe them through the destruction of the walls.

"We wanted to emphasize the impact of players' decision-making, for example, there are a limited number of doors between each section, and roamers can still create new roads by destroying walls, and there is always the option of changing floors as a strategy It's a medium-sized map, so players will not have to go far to find alternative routes. "

The outbreak has three main sections and looks very unique to each other. Ubisoft promises, "rooms full of memories and cultural artifacts from many service stations throughout the Southern Great South. " And there is a remarkable big pet that you will see in the trailer. His name is Norman.

The full disclosure of the operators and the new map (and game updates) will come from the Rainbow Six Twitch Channel on February 17, 2019 during the Six Invitational in Montréal.

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