YouTube will post comments on videos by children

YouTube commented on almost every video with children – potentially influencing millions of jobs on the site – following reports last week that peers were leaving unsuitable ideas on insecure videos of children.

The change comes as YouTube is going to; Writing mediation content across his platform as there are concerns about the grain, violence and consequences of his / her continuation; a plague.

It gives YouTube several months to disagree views on every video by ministers, said its company. He started the last week's process when he sent out ideas from thousands of videos.

Advertisers, including Nestle, AT & T and YouTube Advertising Games, have posted YouTube from the week following the incompatible views about babies produced by YouTuber statements and media reports. At least one company, Nestle, was satisfied with a YouTube response and reset ads at the end of the last week.

There are a small number of videos with children's videos that allow your ideas to continue. But they need to know YouTube and they need to actively monitor the ideas outside the common search tools provided by YouTube.

Removing ideas on so many videos to & # 39; "a real problem," said eMarketer inspector Paul Verna. But the case involves children's safety, so it is sensible for YouTube to work quickly, he said.

The main focus of video publishing sites are not the main ideas, but it is likely to affect many users and video creators.

YouTube Chief Executive Susan Wojcicki recognizing the concerns of Thursday, which was tweeted, "There is nothing more important for us to ensure the safety of young people on the platform."

The company said that it has also launched a new version of an automated evaluation system that is expected to be identify and delete twice as many unsuitable ideas.

YouTube, such as Facebook, Twitter and other sites that allow users' disclosure, oppose upcoming professionals to monitor what they display on their sites and get rid of non- appropriate. All companies say they have done an action to protect users. But things are going to continue; going up.

No comments about YouTube ideas were also a major priority for advertisers and spectators two or two weeks, Verna said.

"It just makes you amazing, what next thing will happen?"

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