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February 16, 2019 13:46:54

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has refused to make recommendations with his Government "running down the clock" in the Parliament last week to avoid a vote on the royal commission of disabilities.

Main points:

  • Question Time ran for more than two hours on Thursday
  • Mr Morrison refused to avoid a vote in relation to establishing a royal commission of disability
  • Bill Shorten says that PM will be worried about having a & # 39; show not to do the right thing

Question Time was extended to two hours on Thursday, in which the Alliance expressed itself as an event to get out of the second vote on the House of Representatives in a week.

Senator Jordon Steele-John moved in the Senate on Thursday, calling on the Federal Government to set up an investigation to investigate the violence, abuse and neglect. Disabled people may suffer from the services department.

It was anticipated that this move would be dealt with in the Poor House a few hours later, but the Prime Minister stated that the paperwork had not come straightforward.

"We were keen to let that move go over Thursday afternoon," Mr Morrison said, Responding to suggestions made by the Combination of everything; unable to avoid votes.

"The simple word that the motion did not return to the House of Representatives on Thursday afternoon.

"If he was returning, he would have gone through the House."

Mr Morrison said it was anticipated that the vote should last Monday, but it seemed to have killed him & her; Submitting your project by going to & # 39; set up to research itself.

"We will make a final decision on royal commissions, that's what makes decisions on royal commissioners," he said.

"My first priority is to start a royal commission to an age care department, which I did.

"At any time I have said that I did not think it was not necessary to give a royal commission to the disability department."

Shorten says PM was more disturbed about going to # 39; controlling the Parliament

But Bill Shorten's Anti-Challenging Director did not accept his Prime Minister's explanation.

"Instead of voting for that, which is much older, it runs down to the clock because it was more concerned about showing that it was not controlled He has made the Parliament do the right thing, "he said.

"I hope that by Monday – if not before Monday, but by Monday – when this case comes to a vote, the Government voted to support a royal commission to stop abuse and neglect of Australians who are living with a disability. "

When asked about the reason to extend the Question Time, all Liberal MPs did not see it as simple as their Prime Minister.

"We did not go on a regular basis with the Assembly to make a simple decision. It will be considered properly, Christopher Pyne's Minister for Defense said Friday.

On Tuesday, the Parliament sent a bill to give more power to doctors to decide whether a rescue advocate on Manus or Nauru should come to Australia for a cure.

A historical flame; to the Government after he lost his control on his own bill – he changed his consortium; originally from another part of the Immigration Act, but was significantly altered by the Labor Party and the cross party.



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