Rosalind Franklin: Mars rover named after DNA starter

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It is expected that the Rosalind Franklin rover will launch to Mars next year

The convergent rover will be sent to Mars in 2020 and includes the name of the DNA beginner, Rosalind Franklin.

The honor continues to call a public call for nearly 36,000 responses from across Europe.

The Tim Peake Astronaut published the name of the Airbus factory in Stevenage where the robot is being compiled.

The six-wheeled vehicle will be equipped with instruments and drill to investigate evidence of past or present life on the Red Planet.

So, it seems that it is sufficient enough to give the rover a name associated with molecular infrastructure to biology.

Rosalind Franklin played an important part in finding a deoxyribonucleic acid structure.

It was the X-ray statues that allowed James Watson and Francis Crick to explain two-helix shapes.

The early death of Franklin was ovarian cancer in 1958, at the age of 37, which did not mean; She has always received the recognition of her peers.

The link to the European Spatial Group (Esa) rover will now sign its name over the Land.

"In the last year of the life of Rosalind, I have remembered visiting her in the hospital on the day she was happy with news about [Soviet Sputnik satellite] – the forefront of space research, "said Franklin's sister Jenifer Glynn on Thursday.

"She could not believe that more than 60 years later a rover had been sent to Mars by her name, but in a way that this project is even more specific . "

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The final rover collection has begun at an Airbus factory in Stevenage

Who was Rosalind Franklin?

In 1952, Rosalind Franklin at London King's College had to analyze DNA atomic configuration, and # 39; using its skills as a ray-ray crystal to create images for analysis.

Her team, one of which is called Photo 51, was one of her pictures that provided the essential vision for Crick and Watson for her & her; The first three-dimensional two-spinning microchole model was built.

One of the key achievements of science in the 20th century, Enabling researchers to understand how DNA was a & # 39; stored, copying and copying; giving a "genetic life code".

Crick, Watson, and the co-worker of the King, Maurice Wilkins, won the 1962 Nobel Prize for her disappointment.

Franklin's superb death meant that he could not be considered for the prize (Nobel will not be given later). However, many people have ever tried to argue it, and have even been played.

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Photo 51 was a minute eureka for Crick and Watson

How did the rover name be selected?

So far, the rover has been recognized by the name of the Esa – ExoMars project.

In the UK, many people have known the names given to the prototype robots that Arbus built to determine the technology of their vehicles.

These are named Bridget, Bruno and Bryan. The picture "B" is a play on the word "breadboard" – the term that defines the soft piping machines that are going on; used for the design of new electronic surroundings.

But it has become a common practice now for the space campaigns to have an authentic name.

Sometimes it's just glossary lines that give a brief summary of the motivation goals, but they often do. gives an account of a significant number that helped her in an appropriate science field.

For recent European Spè Group projects, Italian scientists have been honored, including Giuseppe "Bepi" Colombo (Mercury mission) and Giovanni Schiaparelli (formerly in Mars).

Rosalind Franklin was selected by a UK-led panel through 35,844 recommendations.

"We used to use criteria, vocabulary and motivational words, but when we reached the short list – it was the obvious choice. He broke all the boxes, "Dr Sue Horne, the largest Space Space Center research on BBC News.

Britain has received the designated rights in particular because it is on the # 39; Most money to be submitted to the rover.

The "Rover McRoverFace" was praised but the United Kingdom of America was clear at the outset that there would be no repetition that would impose the new British police vessel.

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How much is the rover project?

The rover will be launched by the rover of Franklin to Mars for launch in July / August 2020. The various components required for their mission to gradually come together under the direction of Yes and participating in the campaign – a Russian spatial group, Roscosmos.

British engineers are aiming to deliver a finishing robot at the end of July. This will be done first to the Airbus test center in Toulouse, France. From there, it goes east, to Cannes.

Air Côte d 'Azur, the rover Franklin will be united with its German "maritime" capsal, which will bring it to the Red Planet, and to the Russian coloning machine, # 39; It works all the important things running down safely on Mars's surface in March 2021.

From Cannes, these elements will go to Cosmodrome Baikonur to add it to the. rocket.

The tight timetable, proven by Dr. Jan Wörner, director of Esa. "It's a challenge but we're working hard to make its opening date."

Airbus has built a "cleanroom" to meet the rover. Franklin car parts are transported to Stevenage from the member states of Esa and Canada. The North Americans are doing a locomotion system. The wheels

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