A bigger house is the result of bigger headaches; threatened to burn more homes

Here Look & Act a message is given for Ada, Bayles, Brandy Creek, Bravington, Buln Buln, Buln East, Bunyip, Catani, Cora Lynn, Crossover, Drouin, Drouin East, Drouin South, Drouin West, Fumina, Fumina South, Garfield, Gentle Annie Icy Creek, Iona, Jindivick, Jindivick North, Jindivick West, Labertouche, Glen Loch, Longwarry, Modella, Nar Nar Goon, Nayook, Neerim, Neerim Ear, Neerim Connection, Neerim North, Neerim South, Noojee, Piedmont, Ripplebrook, Robin Hood, Rokeby, Tanjil, Tanjil Bren, Tarago, Toorongo, Tynong, Vervale, Vesper, Warragul, Warragul West, Whites Corner.

  • This Course and this Act will replace the Watch and the Act at 4:33 pm.
  • There is a restaurant in the Bunyip State Park that is still under control.
  • We are currently getting a place fireplace in the Tarago and Jindivick areas from the main fire

Firefighters have not been able to stop the spread of the fire. It is to stay near a building that allows you to shelter in a safe option because conditions can change suddenly.

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