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Australia will pay ideas on how to save the Great Barrier Reef

In an effort to save the world's most famous coral reef, the Australian government has announced new funding for anyone who has the idea of ​​saving the Great Barrier Reef.

This incredible coral reef is under threat. Photo by superjoseph / Shutterstock

The reef is under heavy pressure from coral bleaching, caused by rising temperatures in the seas of the earth, turning the colorful coral white and making it more likely to die . In recent months there has also been an outbreak of feeding of predatory starfish in the healthy parts of the reef.

In order to encourage innovation, the government has announced a fund of A $ 2 million to find new ideas on how to save the Great Barrier Reef. Possible solutions could range from protecting existing coral reefs or promoting better rates of coral regeneration.

Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg said the potential funding was open to scientists, entrepreneurs, innovators and business leaders. "The scale of the problem is great," he said, "and you need to think hard, but it's important to remember that solutions can come from anywhere."

$ 250,000 is available for an initial testing stage and the best idea to come from this stage will be eligible for another million funds, so that applicants can take their ideas from a concept to the development of prototypes for tests for more than twelve months. If successful, applicants will retain their intellectual property rights.

Australia's call for ideas is not the only potential idea to help save the world's coral reefs. In November of last year, scientists carried out the first successful small-scale "coral transplant" and are now looking to boost the concept by replicating success on a much larger scale. In December, a new program was opened that will allow people from all over the world to become citizens of the Great Barrier Reef, in order to encourage people to reflect on how their individual actions around the world will have an effect on the delicate marine life.

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