Australia Treasurer Josh Friedenberg on relationship with China

SINGAPORE – Australia will continue to advocate its national interests, but wants to see strained relations with China improve, Australian Treasurer Josh Friedenberg said on Monday.

“Sino-Australia business relationship is … very important,” Friedenberg told CNBC’s Will Kouloris. “It is mutually beneficial. Our resources have helped ease China’s economic growth and we welcome it.”

“At the same time, China has been a very important market for Australia and our exports to China have helped to increase income in Australia – an important source of revenue and job creation,” Friedenberg told CNBC , Davos Agenda as part of the network’s coverage.

Relations between the two major trading partners deteriorated last year when Australia backed a call for an international investigation to deal with China’s Kovid-19, which was first reported in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

… Historically, we have had a very good partnership with China and we want to continue

Josh Friedenberg

Australian Treasurer

National flags of Australia and China are displayed before a portrait of Maotse Tung in front of Tianmen Square.

Frederick J. Brown | Via AFP Getty Image

For his part, Friedenberg said that Australia has a clear understanding of its national interests in the areas of security, foreign investment and human rights.

“We will continue to advocate and speak for Australia’s national interest, but again in this area, strong relationships should not be taken further historically, we have had a very good partnership with China and we want to continue this, ” she added.

America and its ‘inevitable’ role

Friedenberg said his government is eager to work with the new US President Joe Biden and explained that the strength of the Australia-US alliance does not depend on which leader is in power in the two countries.

“Relations have been strong and lasting – based on mutual respect, on shared values ​​and of course on shared interests,” he said, adding that the United States has an “indispensable role on our part in the world of Asia. In- Pacific. “

We are looking forward to a very constructive relationship between the US and Australia and this is an important one that is critically important, not only to Australia but to the United States.

Josh Friedenberg

Australian Treasurer

Under former President Donald Trump, the US appeared to be retreating from positions of influence in the Asia-Pacific region.

Trump withdrew the US from the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement and Washington did not participate in a large-scale regional macroeconomic partnership – signed by China and 14 other Asia-Pacific countries, accounting for about 30% of the world’s population and global economy. Will be responsible for .

“We are looking forward to a very constructive relationship between the US and Australia and this is important not only for Australia but also for the United States,” Freudenberg said.



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