The air conditioning of the Royal Adelaide Hospital fails to day 34C, which creates a “real risk to patient safety”

AIRCONDITIONING in parts of the Royal Adelaide Hospital stopped working on Thursday morning, presenting a "real risk to patient safety".

Advertiser understands that air conditioning broke in hospital operating rooms on Thursday morning. [19659003] A photo supplied to Advertiser taken inside one of the hospital's "technical suites" shows that the temperature reached at least 26.3C, with a humidity of almost 54 percent.

The predicted maximum temperature for Adelaide on Thursday was 34 C.

The city peaked at 34.2C at 12.41pm.

The source of the photo, which wanted to remain anonymous, described the conditions as "intolerably hot" and "a real and genuine risk to patient safety".

It is understood that this is not the first time that the air conditioner has failed in the new $ 2.3b hopsital.

SA Bernadette Mulholland, industrial officer of the Association of Salaried Officers, said that an RAH doctor visited her saying that the hospital's air conditioning was off "for a brief period" in the operating rooms.

"It's not ideal, you want your air conditioner to work," said Ms. Mullholland.

SASMOA former president Dr. David Pope said airconditoning was "critical" for the treatment of critically ill patients.

"(temperature control) is essential for several types of surgery and major trauma," said Dr. Pope.

"Very sick patients in the hospital can not adequately regulate their own temperature, which can have very profound effects on their bodily functions.

" Your body maintains a very strict temperature … without that, patients critically sick people will be greatly affected by this. "

Last December, the air conditioner in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital was defective and forced the cancellation of surgeries because the hospital system could not eliminate moisture in the air.

The system returned to malfunctioning in January of this year.

SA H has been contacted to ealth for a response.

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