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The department confirmed that Nathan Woodyard and Jason Rosenblatt were transferred on June 13 and Randy Roedema was transferred on June 20. Officials did not provide any other details or explanations.

CBS4 first reported the death after an altercation between McClain and officers in Aurora in August 2019. Someone called 911 to report that McClain was “acting strange” and was wearing a ski mask while walking home. The caller said that McClain was unarmed and had not committed a crime.

Elijah McClain (Credit: CBS)

Investigators said McClain resisted the arrest. At one point in the body camera video, an officer is heard saying: “He is going for your gun.”

During the confrontation with the police, McClain was placed on a carotid restraint, a technique that was recently banned by the Aurora Police Department. The Aurora Fire Department was also called to the scene and administered a dose of ketamine to subdue McClain.

McClain is heard on the body camera video telling officers that he was not resisting. He also told them that he was an introvert, a vegetarian, and that he couldn’t hurt a fly.

McClain can be heard saying, “I’m just different. That’s it.”

You can also hear him gasp and cry. He vomits and apologizes. (WARNING: Some viewers may find the video below extremely annoying.)

You can’t see much of what the officers were doing.

“Metz explained that in November there was a fight on the ground, where three cameras were evicted with their bodies on.”

McClain suffered cardiac arrest twice on the way to the hospital.

The autopsy report from the Adams County Coroner’s Office declared McClain’s form and cause of death undetermined. In the report, the coroner stated that intense physical exertion and a narrow coronary artery contributed to McClain’s death. The report also indicated that the ketamine concentration was at a “therapeutic level.”

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Last year, the district attorney’s office issued a letter saying that no charges would be filed against the three officers involved in the case. “

“The officers had a legal reason to contact Mr. McClain,” the officials stated. “The force applied during the altercation to include carotid control retention and the force applied during the altercation was within policy and was consistent with training.”

The officers involved returned to duty, until this month.

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