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Auditor & # 39; outraged & # 39; after consulting convi

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State Auditor Dave Yost has asked the Department of Commerce to suspend the issuance of Level 1 grower licenses for medical marijuana after reports that one of the application's classifiers was a convicted drug dealer.

These reports indicate Trevor Bozeman, one of three consultants hired by the Department of Commerce to evaluate and qualify license applications, pleaded guilty in 2005 to possession with the intent to manufacture or distribute a controlled substance in Pennsylvania.

"This is an epic flaw, I'm outraged," Yost said. "The only appropriate course of action is to freeze the process and independently review the evaluation and qualification from scratch, and the administration needs to explain how this drug dealer ended up telling the government how to execute its nascent medical marijuana program."

Such guarantees, the entire program is contaminated, Yost said.

Yost has directed its staff to look for additional information to determine if there were errors made during the selection of the hired to review the applications and if hiring errors affected the classification of license applications.

"We can not wait for a rear-view audit". Yost said. "The Department of Commerce must act today before this train leaves the station."


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