Audio drama to play Christopher Ecclestone in Doctor Who

Christopher Ecclestone

Christopher Ecclestone
Photo: Eamonn M. McCormack (Getty Images)

Is there anything that deflates Doctor Who More excitement than the words “audio drama”? Okay, “other than an enemy that seemed really good First of all Is back about 10th time ”(cough Crying angels cough). Then again, audio dramas seem very popular, so maybe it is not at all? Anyhow, Big Finish’s ear-based Doctor Who Stories for fan service have become go-to mediums that will either be really expensive for the film or focus on previous incarnations and characters from The Doctor – who are no longer part of the main series. The BBC may be flush with the pound (from all those expensive TV licenses, right?), But even an organization like that isn’t going to throw money away, says Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor A whole series when trying to convince people to watch new Episode about the current Doctor. Big Finish is more than happy to do that sort of thing, though, and has been doing it since the actual TV show was rebooted in 2005 with Christopher Ecclestone as the ninth incarnation of The Doctor.

Now, speaking of Big Finish, is able to complete the impossible and bring Eccleston back to the TARDIS – which could not do anything special even on the 50th anniversary of a few years ago, which would have been necessary for the show, which preceded the unauthorized The Doctor was played by John Hurt. . Ecclestone only ran in the show A season (or “series” if you serve the queen), with her explaining in recent years He had a bad relationship The then show-runner Russell T. With davis And vowed not to work with or on her Doctor Who some other time. However, Ecclestone’s run is profoundly short, if only because his immediate successor (David Tennant’s 10th Doctor) is so spontaneously liked, and it seems like a positive response from fans in recent years, The entire time convinces Eccleston to give the Lords another shot. 15 years.

Reported by time limit, Eccleston will star in a 12-episode audio adventure in the first four box sets coming in May of 2021. Story details and any other capabilities Doctor Who Characters that may appear have not yet been announced, but it’s worth noting that Big Finish has already done ninth Doctor-era stories with a different actor, so he – as the ninth Doctor In particular, Eccleston’s ninth doctor, not-is Big Finish went on new adventures with Jackie Tyler in the canon (if anyone wants to listen desperately). It doesn’t matter, hope we treat Ecclestone’s doctor a little better Shipped to his two-part TV, Which featured bizarre and immediately dated parodies of British television of the 2000s. remember Weakest linkThe Hopefully you will, because it has a lot of bad references in a very important episode Doctor Who!