Attorney says arrest on shooting of Megan Thee Stallion delayed

It has been almost two months since Tory Lenz allegedly shot Megan Thea stallion and insiders are “concerned” that the incident has not yet been accused by the “LUV” rapper.

“This case is open and closed and I am very concerned that we are still here.” “IT is not being treated with the same level of resources and focus as if it were a white college student. “

Sources reveal that the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office has been given all the evidence it deems necessary to pursue the case, including witness statements, text messages, a 911 call, video and medical records.

Medical records, we are told 25-year-old Megan was shot because the documents stated that the “Savage” rapper suffered a “gunshot wound” on the night of the attack. Initial media reports stated that he cut his feet from the glass.

“It’s not in dispute,” the insider said.

Megan did not initially name her attacker, but sources exclusively revealed to Page Six in July that 28-year-old Lenz was the man who allegedly shot her.

A source told us, “Megan wasn’t going to tell the name, she wasn’t going there – she wasn’t planning to talk to the police.” “She was protecting herself. The people in his camp and Tory’s camp shut everyone up so fast that you could barely blink an eyelid. But there were lies that were spreading and he was not standing for it. ”

On August 20, however, the “Hot Girl Summer” rapper publicly accused Lenz of shooting her on her Instagram.

“Yes, this n-one Tory shot me,” he claims in the video. “You shot me, and you got your publicist and your people going to these blogs. Stop liin ‘. Why lie?”

We are told that all of Megan’s public claims and Laanez’s indirect comments to the press have all become part of Lada’s files.

An insider said, “The case is moving forward, it’s not just proceeding with the same urge as I think it could be.” “It is careless, in my opinion, to delay. If you do nothing, it also involves risk.

Raw Nation’s lawyer Alex Spiro specifically told Page Six that he and his team are fully cooperating. Megan is signed to Roshan Nation.

“We can confirm that we have changed our investigation and files to the LA District Attorney’s Office and we remain concerned that, given the irrefutable evidence, they have yet to take action,” Spyro said.

On Thursday, Lenez was charged only with gun possession charges after police pulled him over after an alleged shooting in his SUV, and a gun was found in his car.

A spokesperson for LADA told us that there is no update on the matter and that “LAPD is investigating.” The LAPD told us, “Hollywood area detectives presented the case to the District Attorney’s Office.”

A representative for Lenz was not available for comment.