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Attempt of suicide 9 months before death – Hollywood Life

Months before Chester Bennington committed suicide, he narrowly escaped death in another suicide attempt, according to a shocking new report.

Chester Bennington's autopsy confirmed that he died of suicide by hanging on July 20, but reportedly it was not the first time he attempted suicide, according to TMZ . At least part of the autopsy document was retracted, the site reports, and reportedly included information about Chester allegedly trying to commit suicide in November 2016. Source TMZ states that Chester's wife, Talinda revealed to the coroner that, nine months before his death, Chester tied himself and jumped into a pond after consuming "a large amount of alcohol". However, when he had a change of heart, he escaped limitations and saved himself.

Just days before the autopsy report was made public, Talinda's lawyer called the coroner's attorney and requested that this particular information be "redacted" from the file. According to reports, the lawyer argued that Talinda had "marital privilege" to keep the information private, according to TMZ . The site has no details on why Talinda was so particular about this passage. However, the autopsy report included the following notes given to the coroner BY Talinda: "The deceased had a history of depression, suicidal ideas and past suicide attempts, and would have suicidal ideas after consuming alcohol. He had left his house with a gun and had to call the police to find him. "It is not clear why Talinda did not ask that this part be removed as well.

The singer's autopsy Linkin Park revealed that he hung himself with a belt and that alcohol was in his system at the time of his death. Chester had been open about his struggle with depression throughout his career. She is survived by Talinda and her six children.

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