AT&T is looking to sell CNN after ‘Trump’ reportedly ‘hit’: Gasperino

AT&T is reportedly selling CNN to pay off its hefty debt, but the cable news company argued on Friday its extreme “disgust with Trump,” Fox Business Network senior reporter Charlie Gasparino.

“CNN no longer has Donald Trump to kick in and his ratings will be a hit,” he told Tucker Carlson Tonight, “looking at the current projected presidential election results.

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He reports that AT&T is “financially unstable” with $ 150 billion in debt.

“They need to cut costs. There is an active investor there,” Gasparino said.

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Despite the low probability of any deal in the immediate future, the sale of billionaire Jeff Bezos from CNN would make sense from both sides, media tells investment bankers Fox Business.

“I’m not hating a CNN. They have a lot of good journalists,” Gasparino said.

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“This rumor is real,” he said. “AT&T is a tricky company and … like a lot of CNN media companies, it may have reached its peak, hating Trump.”

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