AT&T CEO wants you to consume advertisements in exchange for a slightly cheaper phone plan

AT&T is offering wireless phone plans that will be subsidized in part by advertisements, CEO John Stankey said in an interview Reuters.

“I believe there is a segment of our customer base where, given an option, they will take some weight of advertising for a $ 5 or $ 10 reduction in their mobile bill,” Stankey said. The new plans could be introduced “in a year or two” according to Stanke.

AT&T has experimented with at least one brand-subsidized phone plan in the past, though it does not go through well with the savings for you. The “Sponsored Data” program, which was announced back in 2014, let brands pay AT&T so they could distribute their content without counting against your data cap. It seems unlikely that this would be anything different, however, showing ads directly to users in some way.

And while it’s unclear what the ads on this apparent new plan will look like, they’ll probably see something similar to what Amazon did with its “Prime Exclusive Phone” – offering discounts on mid-range phones but personal on lock Advertising screen as tradeoff.

Phone plans are not the only services that AT&T plans to advertise with – Stanke has already said that AT&T’s WarnerMedia plans to launch ad-supported tier of HBO Max, its premium subscription service, early next year is.