Atmospheric carbon dioxide reached highest level in 800,000 years, in 2016! : Did you know?


Concentration of carbon dioxide within the Earth’s ambiance surged to a report excessive in 2016, based on the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). The World Meteorological Organization warned that drastic motion is required to attain targets set by the Paris local weather settlement.

“Concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere surged at a record-breaking speed in 2016 to the highest level in 800,000 years,” the World Meteorological Organization mentioned.


“Globally averaged concentrations of CO2 reached 403.Three components per million in 2016, up from 400.00 ppm in 2015 due to a mix of human actions and a powerful El Nino occasion,” it mentioned in its annual Greenhouse Gas Bulletin. The Greenhouse Gas Bulletin, the UN climate company’s annual flagship report, tracks the content material of harmful gbades within the ambiance within the post-industrial period (since 1750).

Data from ice

Researchers have “reliable, direct measurements” of CO2 concentrations charges going again 800,000 years utilizing air bubbles preserved in ice in locations like Greenland and Antarctica, the top of WMO’s atmospheric atmosphere badysis division, Oksana Tarasova mentioned. But by finding out fossilised materials, the WMO additionally has tough estimates going again even additional.


The report discovered that the final time the earth skilled related CO2 focus charges to at the moment was three to 5 million years in the past, when the ocean stage was as much as 20 metres increased than now and the planet was 2-Three levels Celsius hotter.

Reasons behind this

Human CO2 emissions from sources equivalent to coal, oil, cement and deforestation reached a report in 2016, and the El Nino climate sample gave CO2 ranges an extra increase, the WMO mentioned.


As far as scientists can inform, the world has by no means skilled an increase in carbon dioxide like that of latest a long time, which has occurred 100 instances sooner than when the world was rising from the final ice age. The final time carbon dioxide ranges reached 400 ppm was Three-5 million years in the past, within the mid-Pliocene period.

“During that period, global mean surface temperatures were 2-3 degree Celsius warmer than today, ice sheets in Greenland and West Antarctica melted and even parts of East Antarctica’s ice retreated, causing the sea level to rise 10-20 m higher than that today,” the WMO bulletin mentioned.

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