Atlanta foreign dancers ‘get their booty to pole’ PSA catches attention

“It’s killing me that no one has done this to me before, like: Why?” He told CNN. “It was easy to find out and I have no background in politics or marketing. So why is it so viral? Why is it because, in general, black people are ignored.”

The video has been both welcomed and criticized for promoting down-ballot issues, as citizens use pole-headed dancers for lessons in the scriptures.

Barnes is a TV director in Atlanta and is said to have had an idea and some of his other friends in the industry around the country started talking about the deaths in the wake of both George Floyd and the coronavirus epidemic What can we do.

She said that directors like her who live in Georgia wanted to do something that relates to their region. But all the ideas he came up with that needed a big budget were not something that friends had.

“I think we needed something that people were going to pay to share without us,” Baras said. “We want to do something that’s informative and specific that we’re talking about and I go ‘I want this to be Atlanta, I want people to know that this is about Atlanta.’ Then I said ‘I don’t know, like Magic City dancers are saying that you will be robbed for voting’.

That casual comment triggered an uproar and the group put together a GoFundMe campaign that quickly raised thousands of dollars.

But Barnes and his producer Paul Fox were not just trying to be provocative.

He consulted with organizations including the Black Mail Voter Project, whose founder W. Mondale Robinson provided him with the information he used to produce a message to target his intended audience of black people, who believe Voting is not important.

The result is a PSA that addresses the importance of voting beyond just the presidency, as everything from a down-ballot race can be determined to who serves as a district attorney to school board membership.

A volunteer crew worked on the production and Barnes said it cost more than $ 12,000 to shoot, a large portion of which went to pay the strict Kovid-19 protocol to keep everyone safe.

There was also a side benefit of being able to pay the dancers – many of whom had lost work due to the epidemic.

Coy Malone is one of the participating dancers.

She advertises one of the PSA’s most popular lines: “But talking about you, ‘Awwww they’re gonna take what they’re gonna take, shit,” “which is a big thumb, Slang “shaty” has been used for this Atlanta speak.

Malone said that he is happy to use his talent for such an important message.

“I wanted to participate because I was already on Facebook and Instagram and interacting with people that the bus was not informed about what exactly is on a ballot,” she told CNN.

“A lot doesn’t make sense that when you’re voting, you’re also electing judges, you’re choosing (district lawyers), you’re voting on taxes that you’re voting on laws Have been. And I really wanted to do something. From here that summarizes this message. ”

She said that she undeniably learned to attend high school in Decatur and explained how the involvement involved was different from Decatur.

“And I came to know that undetermined destroyers lack so many different resources because the community was not only involved with its own government system, it’s own laws, it’s own law enforcement and things like that.” . “The Decatur involved meanwhile looked beautiful, the roads are clear, the schools had various resources and things of that nature.”

“I started thinking like this, what is it that I can do within this community to include this area, because we lack a lot of different things,” he said.

Both Malone and Barnes understand the criticism aimed at their project, but look beyond it.

Malone said she focused on the intent and message of the PSA “which everyone needs to show in voting and voting.”

“We are an audience and people who don’t think we have power or say so or have a major impact on the world,” she said. “And we do.”

Barnes said, “This shows me that we had written a song called ‘Get Your Booty to the Poll’ and not everybody would have talked about politics.”

“To me, black life matters and it means that all black life matters, not just the ‘respectable’ black life.”


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