At least 14 people injured in shooting at funeral home in South Side Chicago

Police said fifteen people were injured in a shootout at a funeral home in Chicago on Tuesday. According to police, one person of interest was being interviewed by law enforcement, but there are several suspects.

Police said the six victims were in critical condition in the area hospitals and the rest are in good condition. One was treated at the scene. His age was between 21 and 65.

Chicago Police First Deputy Superintendent Eric Carter said a black vehicle arrived near a funeral home in the Auburn Gresham neighborhood where a memorial service was taking place when people sitting in the vehicle opened fire.

Funeral attendants fired back and his driver continued firing. Carter said the vehicle crashed about halfway and the occupants got out and ran in several directions.

At least 60 shell casings were recovered from the scene.

The fire department told CBS Chicago that at least nine of the victims were in critical condition. All of the victims are adults, Carter said. It was not clear how many funerals there were and how many vehicles.

At least one was clearly an innocent perceiver. Family members at a hospital told CBS Chicago that she lived next to the funeral home and was out for a cigarette break and got trapped in a gunshot. Tuesday night she was fighting for her life, her relatives said.

At the funeral home, a woman with blood on her jeans told CBS Chicago that she did not know whose blood it was.

Sources said the CBS Chicago shooting was a planned ambush outside the funeral home. The funeral was for Donnie Wethsby, who was shot and murdered on July 14 by Charlie De Mar of CBS Chicago.

Sources said CBS Chicago’s Brad Edwards was warned by police that the funeral service could be retaliated. Carter said a squad car was assigned to the funeral due to its size.

The shooting happened on the heels of President Trump offering 175 federal agents to come to Chicago to deal with the ongoing gun violence in the city. Sources told CBS Chicago that those agents had arrived in Chicago on Tuesday night.

Some law enforcement personnel were seen at the scene of the shooting in military exhaustion, but it was not known whether they were federal agents.

In a series of tweets, Mayor Lori Lightfoot called the shooting “horrific” and shooters “cowardly”. He urged anyone with information, saying, “We cannot shelter the killers. People know who is responsible.”

“When a person picks up a gun, we suffer as a city. It can’t be who we are,” Lightfoot said.

Brian Duckus contributed to this article.