At least 12 Mizzou players for Alabama game due to quarantine

The Missouri football team has yet to play a game in 2020, but its roster continues to shrink. On Wednesday afternoon on a zoom call with reporters, the head coach Alya Drinkwitz It was revealed that the team would be without 12 players for the season-opening match on September 26 at Alabama due to COVID-19 quarantine. Additionally, wide receiver Maurice Massey And defensive tackle Chris daniels Went out of season.

Drinkwitz last spoke to reporters Saturday night, denying the number of players for the season-opener due to quadrupling in size. He very cautiously stated that those numbers are based on the tests conducted on Sunday. The team conducted another round of testing on Wednesday and is awaiting the results.

“It’s like Sunday’s trials,” Drinkwitz said of the 12 absences. “We tested again today, so I hope – who knows. we will see. But it is as of now. ”

All 12 players removed from team activities have not necessarily tested positive for COVID-19. NCAA protocols are required that test positive as well as “high-risk contacts” – in this case, mainly roommates – quarantine for at least 14 days. Those players, identified as high-risk contacts, cannot reduce their time from the team even with several negative tests. Pinkwitz said the team is holding all of its team-wide meetings and position group meetings through the zoom, so that players can participate in the quarantine, but this is the extent of their involvement with the team.

For Massey and Daniels, they represent the first two Missouri players to exit the 2020 season as a result of concerns about coronoviruses. Drinkwitz stated that, while it may be possible that if they want the team to rejoin, based on their interactions, it does not give them a chance to look back.

Messi played in his first year on campus in 2019, sharing redshare. He did not record this catch, but looked like a potential candidate for a bigger role this season. Drinkwitz expressed optimism that the receiving corps would be fine without him. Daniel, a Texas signee at a time since arriving on campus from Copia-Lincoln Community College, has been buried on the depth chart with an experience in defensive tackle. Both players are able to regain the roster next season if they choose.

Drinkwitz said, “I’ve been ahead from the beginning: if someone chooses to get out, we rub her back, we support her, and wish her well.” “And then we move forward. We want to make sure that they are academically looked after and taken care of in the training room, whatever aspect we can help them with, but we are moving forward with those who want to play this year. ”

Whether due to quarantine, opt-out or injury, the player’s absence makes Drinkwitz the daunting task of setting up a new offense during a 10-game, SEC-only schedule and a short offense before too long. He said the offensive plan has been put in place, but the players are still struggling with execution because it is impossible to take reps with the same personnel.

“The crime is in the total setting,” he said. “It’s execution that’s flawed. And it’s all based on just representative, representative, representative, representative, representative. … Aggressively you have to get all 11 people on the same page, and we have a lot of different lineups. And it is not ideal for a united football. ”

Pinkwitz did not reveal which players have been left out, but said the offensive line and specialist “are really struggling.” He said on Saturday that the first team offense had five different left guards in five practices last week due to injuries and quarantine.

“We are already on the offensive line, the total number of bodies and injured in any way, so those guys have to do a lot of extra work,” Drinkwitz said. “But just gotta do.”

Peywitz is unsure whether the virus has been transmitted through football activities. For the first two months that Missouri players were coming back to campus through workouts and exercises, they said there was no evidence of transmission at football facilities.

Drinkwitz declined to speculate whether the latest round of positive tests could result in Alabama playing risk, but he said that right now, the team would have plenty of available bodies. His message was similar to Saturday’s: He knows that fans don’t want to hear excuses, so he won’t do any work. The coaching staff will try to prepare the roster as much as possible to face Alabama with players on hand.

“They are going to 26th and everyone in Missouri hoping that we’re ready,” Drinkwitz said.