Asus’s next ROG phone is spotted with a bonus rear-mounted display

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The image: Asus

Asus is no stranger when it comes to inserting Two displays on one laptop, But for its next gaming phone, Asus apparently wants to push some boundaries by putting a small secondary display behind the upcoming ROG 5 5.

Of course, the idea of ​​having a bonus display on the back of a phone is kind of silly, but coming from a The phone Aimed at gamers where Asus has already added RGB lighting, view-through Air vents, and multiple USB-C ports, settling on a small second display are not really extreme.

It was only a matter of time until Asus made a second appearance behind the ROG phone.
GIF: WhyLab via Weibo

In Short video Viewed by Weibo GSMArena, The ROG Phone 5 deploys a small dot-matrix-style display diagonally Back, allows you to view notifications or create short custom messages, which you can also see lying on your face on the phone. In some ways, this is a natural progression for The phone series which has been gradually accumulating brighter and brighter RGB light over the last three years.

Also, aside from the other performance, the teaser for the Asus-released ROG Phone 5 featured a very interesting device, featuring an almost bezel-less design, and it is rumored to have a 6,000mAh battery, Includes 65-watt fast charging and support. For 144Hz display. If you are thinking of ROG Phone 4 It was Most likely because of Number 4 is considered inauspicious throughout Asia.

However, the potential surprise for interested buyers is that Asus usually launches its new flagship gaming phone in late spring or early summer, this year it looks like the ROG Phone 5 will be announced as soon as Q1 2021 can be done.

Unfortunately, as we are still waiting on an official announcement, there is still other information about Asus’s next gaming phone thin. But as someone thought Asus should lean even more into his excessive gamer beauty after reviewing Rog phone 3, You can bet I’m keeping an eye on this next version.


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