Asus’ ROG Phone 5 is a sophisticated but beastly gaming phone

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The latest wave of gaming phone releases has begun. Last week, Nubia announced how absolutely ridiculous Red Magic 6, and now Asus has come up with a slightly different version: a that’s a a bit more sophisticated while still having massive specs

The first thing you will notice on the ROG Phone 5 (Asus omitted 4 to avoid bad luck) there is an updated design. Asus ditched the attention-looking for ventilation channel activates the company used on the previous model for a more elegant style, although still inspired by cyberpunk back, which this time is available in black and white. And although Asus increased the amount of RGB lighting, the use of a perforated grille to hide the LEDs results in a somewhat more adult appearance.

Inside, the ROG Phone 5 packs similar specs to those previous model, which includes a 6.78-inch 2448 x 1080 AMOLED display with a 144Hz refresh rate (just slightly lower than the 165Hz display used on the Red Magic 6), along with a Snapdragon 888 chip, 8GB of RAM, 128GB storage, a Huge 6,000 mAh battery and triple rear cameras (64 MP main, 13 MP ultra wide and 5 MP macro). But that’s just the base model.

There’s also a Pro model that comes with 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage, but the really eye-catching model is the ROG Phone 5 Ultimate, which packs a whopping 18GB of RAM and, Most importantly, it features a rear panel with Built-in black and white display that can be programmed to show whatever you want.

The colored SIM trays have also been customized for reading

The colored SIM trays have also been customized to read “GLHF” which is a nice touch.
Picture: Asus

I really appreciate all the little tweaks Asus made to this generation’s ROG Phone 5, including an 800 nit display that’s 200 nits brighter than before, even better front stereo speakers (which is impressive considering the ROG Phone 3 already had some of the best audio on a smartphone) and 300Hz touch sampling to reduce input latency during games. Heck, Asus even went as far as including a new DAC and brought back the 3.5mm headphone jack on the ROG Phone 5, after ditching the port on older ROG phones.

And to really enhance its credibility in mobile gaming, Asus worked with Sentons to improve the ROG Phone 5’s fifth-generation AirTriggers, which includes nine tiny piezoelectric sensors on both of the phone’s touch devices.sensitive triggers to provide the best response indash controls yet.

In this image, Asus is using the Ultimate Edition customizable display to display the ROG logo, but it can be programmed to do a lot more.

In this image, Asus is using the Ultimate Edition customizable display to display the ROG logo, but it can be programmed to do a lot more.
Picture: Asus

Finally, to help support better mobility and faster charging, Asus divided the ROG Phone 5’s 6,000 mAh battery into two distinct sections, allowing for better heat management and a charge of up to 65 watts.

The only real bummer at the moment is that there are no official details on when the ROG Phone 5 will be available in the US. which means we have to rely on European prices for now. The standard ROG 5 is expected to go on sale sometime in March starting at 799 euros (about $ 950), and the Pro model will arrive in April for 1,199 euros (about $ 1,430), and The Ultimate Edition is slated to arrive in May for a whopping 1,299 Euros (about $ 1,550).


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