Astros Jose Altuve lit by ex-Dodgers star on broadcast after strike

Former Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Orel Hershiser appeared to burn Houston Astro star Jose Altuve during a telecast of a game between the two teams on Wednesday night.

Altuve struck in the bottom of the fifth inning and, looking at the recent fireworks surrounding the Dodgers and Astro, Hersheiser struck at just the right moment.

MLB offers a ‘comprehensive discount’ to the investment, which is outside the Marlin COVID-19.

“Seems harder to know than to know,” Hershiser said during a SportsnetLA broadcast.

Dodgers Jelly Kelly set out to buy 8 dogs, who come to ASTROS

This was a clear shot at the Astros, who were implicated in the 2017 fraud scandal. A Major League Baseball investigation revealed a detailed plan set up by the Astros earlier in the year that when a broken ball was coming, it could steal players with signs and warnings.

Astros staff members can detonate when they receive a signal from a camera installed in the centerfield at Minute Med Park. The Dodgers lost to Astro in the World Series that year. Although officials and coaches were punished for the scandal, no active player received any form of punishment.

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Things surfaced on Tuesday night when the Dodgers pitcher Joe Kelly appeared to be throwing in Alex Bragman and Carlos Correa. Will clean the bench but no punch was thrown. Kelly was suspended for eight games on Wednesday, which he has decided to appeal.

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