Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson cut the Flat-Earthers with a single image


P Erosively, the Earth crosses between the moon and the sun, generating a phenomenon known as the lunar eclipse. Astrophysicist Neil deGrbade Tyson has become increasingly unbearable in recent months, but there is no doubt that the guy knows how to Prove a point. The last drop of the astrophysicist's scientific microphone was directed at flat intrigue theorists, a group that recently counted among its members a man who plans to launch into space in a homemade spacecraft to see for himself what the Earth is like from above.

This man and the Flat-Earthers agreed to save a lot of time and money by taking into consideration a photo tweeted by Tyson this Sunday, which involved an image of a moon with a horizontal shadow on it. The caption says: "A Lunar Eclipse of Flat Earth has never seen".

It is not the first time that Tyson pursues the Flat Earthers, it was after the rapper BoB, a great main sponsor of the movement, but this time he exercises a remarkable verbal restriction, for a significant impact.

Here, let the photo speak for itself. The main claim in the theory of the flat Earth, of course, is that it is flat. During a typical lunar eclipse, we look to the sky to see the moon completely dark as a result of the shadow of the Earth that obstructs the sunlight when approaching the moon. This is likely because the Earth is round and mbadive. If the Earth were flat, the shadow that it would cast on the surface of the Moon when it arrived between the Sun and the Moon, in turn, would look flat, as it does in the photo of Tyson. This, apparently, will never happen. Tyson's tactic is suggestive of the dejected person's science communicator that Bill Nye delivered to Flat Earthers in April, which also invokes the use of images to prove that Earth is not flat.

Ironically, Earth's conspiratorial critics and the scientifically informed public came to a rare moment of agreement during the solar eclipse season last August. At that time, supporters of the flat Earth claimed that total solar eclipses occur when the moon pbades between Earth and the sun, an explanation that is, surprisingly, correct.

In fact, transforming the mind of a terrestrial Earther is not as easy as showing them a picture of what is likely, since it is just as easy to say that an image of the Earth rounded from space is retouched as if It was debated that the Earth is flat. In this case, Tyson is hesitant to change the minds of any conspiracy scientist with his picture, but at least he supports the rest of us in imagining how ridiculous the theory is in the first place.

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