Astrology behind Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s breakup

If only they saw the signs.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s divorce was always written in the stars.

“It’s been a long time. Something was brewing,” expert astrologer and cosmic revolution co-founder Maddy Murphy recently told page six of Kim’s split.

He reported that the two eclipses of 2020 directly influenced the couple’s astrological chart in important areas around relationships, identity and a sense of self.

“[Eclipses] Cosmic cleanups are like a crew. To force us to do anything to get out of alignment, “he said, for 43-year-old Kanye,” a lot of it is about retreating and stretching, and one of Kim’s eclipse energies Too much pushing him. Further into something new, so they have now set out on two different paths. “

The expert also reported that the married couple may experience an astrological “seven-year itch”.

“Saturn takes 29, 30 years to walk through a cycle and what happens is it hits the same place in the chart every seven years and creates a square that is very tense and has a triggering aspect, ” he said. “This is where you have an important beginning, end and a theme emerges. Everything that was present at the beginning of their relationship is now coming to a head. “

He said, “This is a cosmic wake-up call, and that’s why you have a lot of relationships that people cheat or stray from or a recurring battle that becomes too big after seven years.”

The cosmic advisor stated that they married in May 2014 so they are obliged to decide a major relationship this spring and that their divorce may be finalized in May 2021.

“[May] There will be a moment or moment of break for them.

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

So astrology can tell us what their future is?

“Kanye’s path, unfortunately … his chart is changing to feel more withdrawn, more stubborn, more in control, and he has … a natural resistance to stability and stability, hence that self-destructive path. It may be a little bit more or it is going to be a whole new change but in a dark way, ”said Murphy.

He stated that he may have a spiritual rebirth which may include sexual awakening or cult activity.

As a Kardashian, she said, “Her chart is very clear. It is very decisive emotionally… she is stepping into the highest octave of her business. She is activating a lot of things around her daily life, around feeling, around social justice. His sacred work is taking place through a reform for the next year. It is going to look different than it used to. “

She kept on saying, “Part of this breakdown is that she can actually live her soul’s purpose, which I think is in the role of social justice and emotion, because she also has a Pisces moon like Virgo. is.”

Murphy co-founded the Cosmic Revolution with Audrey Emily Rudolph.


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