AstraZeneca Kovid-19 vaccine trial resumes in UK

AstraZeneca PLC said clinical trials for its experimental coronavirus vaccine resumed in the UK on Saturday, after regulators concluded that it was safe to do so, because the person receiving the vaccine had global disease after unexplained illness. But the study found stagnation.
The company said that tests are on hold in other countries, including the US, while AstraZeneca works with national health officials.
AstraZeneca said that the vaccine was banned from testing globally on Tuesday as a vaccinated woman in Britain experienced unexplained illness after being licensed from the University of Oxford, which was reported by a US official to be a spinal cord. Described as the problem.
The halt gave time to independent committees and the country’s regulators to evaluate the case and determine whether it would be safe for trial to resume.
A UK committee has concluded its investigation and recommended to the UK Medicine and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency that it would be safe to resume testing. The regulatory agency confirmed it was safe to resume, the company said.

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