Asteroid Tracker: London eye-shaped rock to form ‘near Earth’ at 23,666mph – NASA | Science | news

The asteroid 2020 QL2 will create a barrier between the Earth and the Moon, which NASA described as a ‘near Earth’ approach on Monday, 14 September. The size of the asteroid is estimated to be as large as 400 feet (120 m), which makes it approximately the size. Iconic London Eye.

NASA estimates that the reef can be anything between 53 meters and 120 meters, making it potentially one of the largest rocks on their NEO Earth Close Approach list.

Asteroid observers at the US-based space agency NASA have revealed that the space rock is currently traveling at a speed of 10.5 kilometers per second, or 23,666 mph.

Such a speed means that the asteroid can travel from the UK to New York more than eight times an hour.

However, the asteroid will safely cross our planet approximately 4,259,235 miles from the distance between Earth and the Moon.

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Despite the huge distance it appears, NASA has described it as a ‘near-Earth object’ (NEO).

The US Space Agency states: “Near-Earth objects (NEO) are comets and asteroids that are orbited by the gravitational attraction of nearby planets that allow them to enter Earth’s neighbor.”

The asteroid 2020 QL2 was first seen on August 14 of this year, according to data from the Nastredars, the most recent sighting on September 3.

NASA has clearly confirmed that the space rock will not hit the Earth.

Whereas the probability of an asteroid destroying a city is about 0.1 percent in any given year.

The space agency adds: “One should not be overly concerned about the Earth impact of an asteroid or comet.

“The danger to any one person from auto accidents, illness, other natural disasters and other problems is much greater than the danger.

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