Asteroid News: ‘Near-Earth’ rock came closer than just the moon Science | news

The asteroid 2020 RF3 flew within a lunar distance – the distance between the Earth and the Moon – making it the 61st asteroid to do so this year. Astronomers discovered the asteroid only on September 12, 2020, shortly before it made its close approach last night.

The space rock, which was found by astronomers using the Pan-StarRS telescope in Hawaii, came within just 0.24 lunar distance of Earth, or 92,000 kilometers.

Asteroid RF3 is a small space rock with an estimated diameter between 5.3 and 12 meters.

The asteroid belongs to the Aten group of space rocks, which are asteroids that are an orbit with proximity to Earth.

According to NASA, there are more than 1,100 Eton asteroids in the solar system.

However, most Aten asteroids pose no threat to Earth and are no different.

Even if the asteroid was 12 meters in diameter, it would hit our planet and burn in the atmosphere.

However, NASA named the asteroid as a Near Earth Object (NEO), which allows the space agency to study it.

NASA said: “NEOs are comets and asteroids that are orbited by the gravitational attraction of nearby planets that allow them to enter Earth’s neighborhood.

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In late August, the asteroid 2020 QG, which is roughly the same size as a car, came within just 2,000 miles of our planet, making it the closest passing asteroid that experts know.

However, it was not until he had made his way to Earth’s past that experts became aware of it.

Paul Chodas, director of NASA’s Center for Near Earth Object Studies, told Business Insider, “The asteroid became indescribable from the direction of the Sun. We didn’t see it coming.

“Tomorrow’s close approach is the closest on record, if you discount some known asteroids that actually affect our planet.”

As it made its way through our planet, it collided with Earth’s gravitational pull. According to NASA, the asteroid’s trajectory has been changed by 45 degrees, meaning that travel through the universe has been altered for good.