Assassin’s Creed Origins Player Tries To Kill A War Elephant With Their Bare Hands



The historical Egypt of the newest Assbadin’s Creed recreation is a sprawling expanse of lush vegetation and vibrant wildlife. Some gamers apparently are glad with merely taking within the magnificence although and as a substitute preserve looking for greater, and larger challenges to beat, like punching an elephant to loss of life.

The battle elephant is among the recreation’s most troublesome enemies. There aren’t a lot of them, however if you happen to occur throughout one your journey you would possibly need to rethink your path ahead. They’re majestic however lethal.

One participant determined to do the other, nevertheless, leaving a specific encounter with the majestic animal for late of their playthrough. The purpose? They wished to attempt to defeat it barehanded, on exhausting issue, trigger why not?

Assbadin’s Creed Origins’ battle elephants stick fairly intently to the charging archetype in video video games extra typically. They’ll flail, stomp, and infrequently run at you, inviting a pattering of badault, badault some extra, after which run to your life. That’s roughly what YouTuber SPGamer did of their 10 minute wrestling match with the armored 13 ton creature.

Battle elephants are usually harm sponges, however the battle feels particularly futile while you’re placing up weapon-less harm numbers. Thirty seconds in and I badumed the struggle would by no means finish. It did although, finally, at which level SPGamer turned an undisputed champion of…one thing.

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