Asian-American Official Reveals War Scars During City Meeting To Reject Racism: ‘Is This Patriot Enough?’

An Asian-American official revealed his scars from serving in the military while discussing racism at a recent meeting in Ohio City.

“People question my patriotism, that I don’t seem American enough. They couldn’t get over this face. I want to show them something, I don’t have to live with fear, intimidation, insults,” he added. West Chester Township Trustee Lee Wong, a Republican, said: The Enquirer reported.

“I’ll show you what patriotism is like,” Wong continued as he unbuttoned his shirt.

When he finished his speech, the Ohio official lifted his shirt to show a scar he had made during his 20 years in the US military and asked, “Is this patriot enough?”

Racism and discrimination against Asian Americans has become a national issue after the Atlanta shootings in which six Asian women were killed.

“For too long, we have endured a lot of shit in silence, we forgive the language, we were too afraid to speak, we feared more abuse and discrimination,” Wong said during his speech.

A bipartisan group of 26 governors issued a statement on Friday condemning anti-Asian violence.

A local business in the Wong area called Oriental Wok said it has been receiving racist calls daily from people telling them to “go back to China,” according to The Enquirer.

Wong is 69 years old and immigrated to the United States at age 18. He recalled a time when he was beaten for being Asian and the court let his attackers go.

Wong is an elected official for a nonpartisan position, but he campaigned as a Republican wearing the “Make America Great Again” hat.


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