Ashen Winds is out now, adding new enemies, loot and achievements

After a week’s delay, the Ashen Winds update for Sea of ​​Thieves is now live. It adds to a whole load of new Ashen-themed content, including new enemies, loot, and four Ashes Wind achievements.
Captain Flemhart is still struggling for supremacy over a sea of ​​thieves, to help four new Ashen lords. Old Horacio, Warden Chi, Capt. Grimm and Red Ruth all need to be found and defeated – doing this five times will complete the Ashen Winds achievement list – and it looks like the Ashen Lords will be added, as Rera says “The Order of Souls has so far distributed the names of the four Ashen Lords.” The Ashen Lords can be seen by the tornado, and each has new abilities, such as Fire Breath, an ash cloud, and Rome of the Devil. The Order of Souls will pay you to take out these Ashen Lords and deliver their skulls. Additional treasure can also be found, as the Geyser causes the Ashen Lords to defeat “the Ashen Winds emptying the treasure to unite everyone for the encounter, except for the Skull.”

This skull is another new addition. It can be used as a Flemethrower weapon, or sold to the Order of Spirits. However, the more you use it as a weapon, the weaker the Ashen jewel inside, and the more its value decreases, so if you want to earn the most to sell it, quickly it Selling is the best. Ashen Winds also offers new titles with new titles, Ashen Winds Skull Sale and new Ashen Tattoos. There will also be a Skull Sweep Ashes Winds event every Wednesday, offering more prestige and gold.

While the Ashen Winds update remains, all ship bundles and parts in the Rare Heritage Collection are available at a discount. The rare pirate is also offering a free “heel click” emote at the emporium. Newly paid additions include Ashen Shape Collector’s Pets, Kraken Cat Outfits, the Storytelling Bundle of Six Amots, Character Emots Bundle, and more.

Lastly, there are new accessibility options such as a single-stick control, auto-center camera, auto-float accessibility, an accessibility settings reset option, with improvements and details in the “Late Games Read to Me” detail, a speech -In-out override, and new default settings for new players.

Ashen Winds is currently available.

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