As soon as stress occurs in Britain, the vaccine dose decreases throughout the United States.

Southern California has opened more sites to administer COVID-19 Vaccines that are becoming difficult to find. In Los Angeles County, health officials have warned that without more vaccine shipments, the county will not be fully vaccinated until next year.

As of Saturday night, vaccination sites across the country have closed doors and canceled appointments as frustration over supply problems.

Vaccine comes in the form of crisis Scientists are worried A new, more infectious, UK strain may be effective in the United States.

This week, Jeff Wilson’s Pittsburgh drug store gave its last dose, not knowing when the state would distribute more. He said, “I asked for 1,000 doses and they could not give me any kind of answer.”

A health worker administers the COVID-19 vaccine.

CBS News

In Texas, receiving supplements is like playing a lottery.

“Unfortunately we don’t have enough to give to every provider in the state every week. And so we need to pick and choose,” Chris von Dusen said with the Texas Department of Health Services.

New York reserves have gone dry, and in Florida, where there were no rules to keep temporary snowboards from putting shots, the governor has asked non-residents to go elsewhere.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said he was not receiving enough vaccines. “We have places that can do more and we want them to do more and we want them to do more.”

Vaccine super sites, such as Charlotte Motor Speedway, have helped drive efforts to deliver the vaccine. The need is immediate: other highly contagious strains are now detected, and health care workers worry about receiving their second dose.

A health worker prepares to administer the COVID-19 vaccine.

CBS News

Healthcare activist Nikkama Taylor said she felt “so much frustration and so much anxiety, but I trusted the authorities. I loved, well, I’m a health worker. I’m going to work every day. Go to COVID Been. It’s crazy, but applying for another vaccine is crazy. “

This will be an important week for California – the CDC says the state is nearly final in percentage of shots used.


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