As Sonic is 30 years old, Sega has planned several new games

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Illustration: Sega

As Mario turns a positive decrypt 35, the young, spritly (spirit?) Sonic celebrates his 30th birthday next year. And news has flipped out that Sega is planning to celebrate the anniversary with several new Sonic games.

It seems that an advertisement was sent to investors from Sega (thanks Tales channel) That at the same time Sonic boldly spoke about the success of the film, suggesting a bountiful harvest of sonic goodness next year.

“A year of celebration,” it says, “with new games, digital content, events, major announcements and a tailored licensing program.” Who doesn’t like a custom license program?

‘New Sonic’ isn’t really very similar, “Quick, collect the kids and break all the piggybacks!” Appeal to ‘New Mario’. But if you can have a new sonic, what do you want? A Complete Sonic the Hedgehog 5? Sonic Adventure 3? Or maybe the shadow hedge hog sequel you’re desperately waiting for?