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A's plans for a new baseball stadium gave a crushing blow

The A's dream of a stadium in downtown Oakland has just died.

The Board of Trustees of the Community Universities District of Peralta decided in a closed session Tuesday night to interrupt the discussions between Chancellor Jowel Laguerre and the Athletics. We had hoped to build a stadium with private funding on land owned by the district.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported for the first time the junta's rejection of future talks with the A's.

"We are surprised by Peralta's decision not to move forward." The A's said in a statement Wednesday. "All we wanted to do was start a conversation about how to make this work for Oakland, Laney and the Peralta Community College District, and we're disappointed that we will not have that opportunity."

The students and professors at Laney College overwhelmingly disapproved of the A's plan two months ago to acquire a 15-acre property and transform it into a baseball town with homes, retail and entertainment. Local companies also opposed being potentially replaced by the A's stadium.

By rejecting A's offer, the board of directors instructed the chancellor to focus on the needs of the students and teachers of the university.

It certainly sounded as if it were the site of Peralta or the bust of the Athletics, who have indicated that building a new stadium on the Coliseum grounds would not be as economically feasible as a project financed with private funds. In addition, most agree that the Howard Terminal site had the most obstacles from all three of the team's stadium options.

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