As fire burns the West, top Democrats remain calm on climate crisis

With thousands of Americans forced to evacuate their homes in the Western US, Donald Trump did not say a word about the wildfires that have spread across several states in about three weeks.

But some national democratic leaders have been slow to pay attention to the fires in California, Oregon and Washington that have killed more than 20 people, forcing millions to breathe ashes from the orange-colored skies that surround the sun. Are blocked, and have seen hundreds of thousands flee from people’s homes.

Climate activists say that especially from Democratic House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, which is another sign that American politicians are not ready to take concrete steps to deal with the realities of climate change, let alone to stop the burning fossil Write the law. Fuel to slow its effect.

Another four years of Trump in office will destroy the international climate movement, but even a Democratic-controlled government is not guaranteed to adequately address the crisis.

Last week, Pelosi barely mentioned the fire, which has been ransacked in his own home state of California until Thursday, when he was asked about it at MSNBC and a weekly news conference.

In a 17-minute update to reporters, she spoke of the fire – which is being made worse by human-induced climate change – before briefly talking about what she sees as an unsuccessful response to Republican coronoviruses.

Asked if Democrats would immediately follow major climate change legislation to control Congress and win the White House, Pelosi responded.

“Well, we’ll have … we’ll have, obviously, hopefully, the Kovid pandemic will stop – if there’s any idea that Republicans in Congress will pay attention to science,” she said.

“Right now they are a place where they don’t believe in science and they don’t like governance. So they don’t want to rule for any reason, so that standards can be invoked to defeat the virus. But the virus is, in other words, to open up our schools and our economy – first and foremost. But yes, that will be the initial part of the agenda. “

Pelosi said climate change had long been his “major issue”, he spoke of the 2005 energy law he helped pass, and that House Democrats have drafted a climate report.

Pelosi’s spokesman, Henry Connelly, pointed to Pelosi’s comments about wildfires and climate change in interviews and press conferences two weeks earlier, on 26 and 27 August. He said the House under his leadership prioritized passing climate-intensive legislation and noted that he was calling the heads of the G7 nations this weekend on climate crisis and economic and environmental justice.

Molalla, Oregon, which has been badly hit. Photo: Carlos Baria / Reuters

However, Pelosi has previously made fun of the Green New Deal – a progressive proposal for large-scale spending to fight inequality and the climate crisis – calling it a “green dream”.

So is Diane Feinstein, the senior Democratic senator for California, who asked the children who came into her office last year to ask her to make a Green New Deal that he disagreed with the plan, because there was no way to pay for it. . “.

Feinstein, in a recent op-ed, added more intense fire to climate change and called for policy changes to help communities prepare and fight fires. But he did not write any policy to curb rising emissions.

“You look up at the sky and you are surprised. It is not just Republicans who are disappointing us. It is Democrats who are not fighting for a better climate future, ”Rebecca Katz, a progressive political consultant and founder of New Deal Strategies. “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has said that climate delays are similar to climate denial. And it’s hard not to see that point crystal clear like this morning.”

Joe Biden has a $ 2tn plan to try to virtually eliminate climate emissions by 2050, but he repeatedly reiterates that he will not try to ban Fecking – a process that triggered a gas drilling boom in the US Is promoted. In doing so, they have gained the support of some reticent labor unions.

“The Biden campaign understands that a full embrace of an aggressive climate change agenda could cause problems for them in the upper Midwest,” said Dan Sennur, an advisor to former California governor Pete Wilson and Arizona senior executive John McCain Used to serve as “Trump has shown no desire to talk about California who are using it as a liberal punching bag to make their case as their conservative base.”

On Thursday, Biden’s campaign Tweeted A video of the destruction and said: “Make no mistake: Climate change is already here – and we are seeing its devastating effects every day.”

“We have to get President Trump out of the White House and treat this crisis like an existential threat.”

Kamala Harris spokeswoman Sabrina Singh said Biden and Harris “have been monitoring the harvesting of forests across the state and have highlighted the urgent need to address the threat of climate change”.

Barack Obama also tweeted a glowing, smoke-filled San Francisco photo and told followers “vote like your life depends on it – because it”.

This compares to Trump, who has held 46 public events since August 23 where he could, but did not, address the Wildfire according to the review of the group Climate Power 2020.

Asked why he had not done so, White House spokesman Jude Deere said Trump was “closely monitoring” the fire and sent federal money and personnel to help states fight them. Deere flagged off Tweet Notting Trump, along with California Governor Gavin Newsome “expressed their condolences for the loss of life and reiterated the administration’s full support to help those on the fire front”.

High-profile Democratic nodes for the climate crisis have improved a few years ago, when the issue was barely seen in the presidential debate. Yet activists say this is not enough. The planet is already 1C warmer before industrialization. It is on its way to becoming at least a 3C hotter. Wildfire season is on the rise, and climate-fuel drought is making the fire more dangerous. Strong storms are arising with Gulf Coast communities. Iowa and other midwest states are still affected by an echo.

“It’s unfortunate, given that the Speaker’s own district is being affected right now,” said Anthony Rogers-Wright, policy coordinator for the Climate Justice Coalition.

“There are many in the Democratic leadership who believe that climate change is an issue. When in fact it is an issue that if expressed properly can bring everyone together. “

On Thursday, the Climate Justice Alliance joined a “coalition of grassroots groups, labor unions, black, brown and indigenous leaders” to back a Congressional resolution aimed at “creating about 16 meters of good jobs” To revitalize our economy and address the interlocking crises of the climate. ” Change, racial injustice, public health and economic inequality ”.

Without the words “Green New Deal”, the goals of the measure are closely aligned.

The proposal also sponsors Democrats across the political spectrum: Senators Chuck Schumer, Ed Mark, Corey Booker and Elizabeth Warren; And representatives Deb Heland, Debbie Dingell, Donald McEachin, Sheila Jackson Lee, Raul Grijalva, Rosa Delaro, Brendan Boyle, Barbara Lee, Ilhan Omar and Ro Khanna.

In a virtual press conference on Thursday, Democratic Senator Jeff Merkle of Oregon spoke of “almost apocalypse moments” in his state.

He blamed a flood of “black money” from the fossil fuel industry in political campaigns, stating that his contribution brought Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, to power.

“We’re seeing regular arrivals of larger, more intense disasters that are absolutely consistent with what happens when there is a hot planet,” Merkle said. “We have to determine now that a steadfast, hopefully bipartisan, attempt to undertake a bold, large-scale undertaking to address it.”