As coronavirus rebounds, Europe rejects new lockdown

As the second wave of coronovirus infection gains momentum across Europe, the continent’s governments are determined to avoid massive lockdowns and instead find less disruptive ways to live with the new disease.
France and Spain are at the leading end of a resurgence in Kovid-19 cases across Europe in view of the summer travel season, in some cases reaching the level of occurrence with those in the US.
In response, authorities have continued a series of localized measures to counter the outbreak, prompting citizens to deal with the outbreak.
When Kovid-19 marked the first large-scale closure of contradictions in Europe earlier this year. Those moves eventually spread the virus, but sent the region’s economies into their fastest economic contraction since World War II.
The new wave of infection is concentrated in young people. Most of those who tested positive in recent weeks have not just mild symptoms. Health experts warn that epidemics may become more dangerous in winter, as people spend more time indoors.

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