As coronavirus emerges in red states, Biden attacks Trump

As a resurgent coronavirus rips America apart, especially tearing apart states that voted for Donald Trump in 2016, Joe Biden is moving to further weaken the president’s grip by stepping up attacks on his handling of the crisis.

Unlike the initial wave of illness and death from the pandemic, the current surge in cases is hitting particularly in several major red states, leaving Trump unable to consider the public health crisis to blame for mismanagement by governors. Democrats or representing it to their followers as a problem limited to coastal cities.

In the context of COVID-19 cases arising in states like Texas and Florida, Biden plans to present a case that appears to be gaining ground even with some Trump loyalists, who has been neglected and mismanaged by the White House. the virus will spiral out of control in this country, even when other nations have successfully contained it.

The issues that Biden will describe in his Wilmington, Delaware speech are not new to his campaign, but are becoming considerably more powerful lines of attack as high rates of illness spread across the South and West and the Governors are forced to go back plans to reopen business.

According to a summary of Biden’s speech provided in advance to reporters, the former vice president will emphasize an attack on Trump as a politician who called himself president in wartime but surrendered to the virus.

Biden will point to the death toll of more than 125,000 and the economic wreckage that has left tens of millions of Americans unemployed, blaming Trump.

He plans to argue that Trump’s refusal to mobilize a competent public health response as the threat emerged made the impact of the pandemic noticeably worse for the United States. He also plans to provide a timeline of the “common sense” steps Trump could have taken to contain the spread of the virus, but he did not.

“Studies estimate that if Trump had acted earlier, up to half or more of the jobs we have lost would have been saved and tens of thousands of Americans would not have become ill,” said the campaign’s advance of the speech.

Today, as infection rates rise again, Trump completely ignores the crisis: playing golf, holding protests, and telling a suffering country that he is the victim. Trump admits that he ordered the tests to be slowed, because the truth about the extent of this deadly outbreak makes him look bad. “

Biden’s comments come as Trump is fighting in the states he easily won in 2016.

In Texas, two recent polls, one from Quinnipiac University and the other from Fox News, found the presidential race to be a failure. Trump is also in trouble in Georgia, a state that won by more than five percentage points in 2016. And he is behind in most of the changing states, including Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona and Florida, all of which he won in 2016, according to numerous recent surveys in those states.

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