As CNN reports, Amazon’s own products are being characterized as fire hazards, miss senators’ demand

Three senators are seeking to recall any dangerous products branded with Amazon’s name following a CNN investigation that found dozens of AmazonBix electronics remained for sale, while customers reported the products melted, ripped off Or burst into flames.

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In a letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos on Friday, Senator Richard Blumental of Connecticut, Robert Mendez of New Jersey, and Ed Mark of Massachusetts wrote that CNN’s reporting on the AmazonBasics product line showed that the retailer had written about some electronics How to ignore serious safety concerns from customers – saying they could continue the “ongoing threat to consumers who have already purchased these products until they are withdrawn.”

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Amazon did not directly respond to the senators’ concerns, but said “safety is a top priority” and that its products meet all applicable security standards. The company said a number of steps have been taken to ensure that Amazonix products are safe and high quality, such as selecting experienced manufacturers, monitoring customer feedback, and safety and compliance before and after they are available. Testing items to ensure standards. It also directed CNN a blog post, which was published in response to the investigation.

“We want customers to shop with confidence and if ever a customer has concerns, they can contact customer service and we will investigate,” the company said.

AmazonBasics is one of the retailer’s popular private label lines, offering over 5,000 budget-friendly products ranging from cell phone chargers to kitchen appliances. CNN received at least 1,500 reviews on the Amazon website covering more than 70 items, describing security risks. Within those reviews, many consumers have explicitly called the item potentially dangerous – using terms such as “hazard” or “fire” or should the product be recalled. About 30 items remained for sale on with three or more such reviews.

Some of AmazonBasics’ products became unavailable after CNN began its reporting, and at least four product pages were removed from the retailer’s site altogether – leaving dead URLs known by employees as “dead pages” .

An item highlighted by CNN and cited in Bezos’ letter, an Amazonbasic surge protector, continued to be sold for nearly two years after being reported by a concerned father. They eventually received a payment of about $ 1,500 to damage their home, but surge protectors remained available – even though more than 40 customers reported the product as a fire hazard, damaging their home or belongings, or other hazards. Had described.

Amazon pulled Surge Protector from its site weeks after CNN began looking into the device, but did not appear to provide any notification to customers, including news reporters who had purchased it. And it did not post a message on its site as to why it was taken.

“Democratic senators wrote in a letter,” Amazon should immediately stop the sale of dangerous and defective AmazonBasics products, remember them, and effectively and promptly notify consumers of potential threats. “It’s not enough to simply delete a product’s retail listing page, leaving behind a dead URL and viewing these consumer warnings. Buyers of these products are not immediately notified of consumer safety issues There is no excuse for that. ”

While reviews citing threats represent only a small part of the overall purchase of the products, and other factors may occur in some cases such as user error or faulty wiring indoors, electronics sold under the name AmazonBasics may be Should only ever face threats. When built well and used properly, electrical engineers told CNN.

The senators wrote that given the “array and frequency” of complaints exposed by CNN, “these crashes cannot be linked only to user error.”

Amazon previously told CNN that thousands of products sold under the AmazonBasics line have more than 1 million reviews combined, and those concerns are thoroughly investigated and the company operates accordingly.

But the senators said that “if these products meet the safety standards adequately, then these products will not burn and catch fire.”

He asked Amazon for detailed information until October 11, asking the company to answer questions about its security procedures and the steps it is taking to remove hazardous products from both its website and customers’ homes. The letter also stated that the company should “conduct an internal analysis of the steps that the company has taken so far to determine why the company has failed to protect consumers.”

Three lawmakers were already concerned about dangerous products being sold on Amazon, which wrote last year that the company needed to be more vigilant about what was sold in its third-party market.

“We are shocked and shocked that Amazon has again failed to stop the sale of dangerous products,” he wrote on Friday, adding, “This time the AmazonBasics brand has full responsibility as a manufacturer.”

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