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In any other opening week in Washington, DC, the city would be filled with people in a festive atmosphere. Celebrities will be flying in some private jets to be sworn on stage at a concert at the Lincoln Memorial. Cher said that when she participated in 2009, “People were not strangers I know that Georgetown was walking around hugging and kissing, and they were so thrilled because we were doing in a new direction.” “

The epidemic and, more recently, significant security threats have forced any people to return on a vast scale, in terms of opening, limiting individual action, and closing the National Mall.

Instead, the inaugural committee of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris has come up with a slate of virtual programming this week, including Sunday Night’s We The People Concert, featuring Cher, James Taylor, Ben Harper, Barbara Streisand, Will.i .Am, Fall Out Boy and DJ Cassidy, among others. It was certainly not a spectacle to say, U2 and Bruce Springsteen were performing in front of thousands of people, but thanks to the re-organized Democratic National Convention, we are now accustomed to the intimacy of Solos from the living room. (As happened with Carroll King, a special attraction on his piano you’ve got a Friend) is.

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Hosting Keegan-Michael Key and Debra Messing, Biden made brief remarks with Jill Biden, and Harris spoke with Doug Amhoff primarily to thank supporters.

One person who received no mention: Donald Trump. Instead, the artist spoke of hope and unity, making only oblique references to the Capitol siege last week and general statements about the general situation. He clarified the rhetoric of Twitter-verse.

“The last four years have deeply divided our country, with many people ignoring facts, science and laws that decimate democratic institutions,” Barbara Streisand said before presenting a clip of her singing said. Happy Days Are Here Again.

He said, “The sympathy of both of you is greater now than ever before and together we will emerge from these dark days in the light.”

Yesterday Penn said, “As we turn the page in this age of division and turn the page towards a bright future.”

Cher sang I hope you get it, But introduced the song, addressing Biden directly, remembering their friendship.

“Everyone knows you’re kind, but I know you’re tough,” she said. “And I know you’re a man.”

He said, “I” am very happy and very happy for Vice President Harris. I wanted you to be President since 2006. But this is the right time. it’s your time. “

We the people concert lineup

Keegan-Michael Key and Debra Messing, Host

Ben harper, with my own two hands

Michael bivins

AJR, Bummerland

Barbra Streisand, Happy Days Are Here Again (Clip)

Tomorrow pen, American Dream

Sophia bush

Carole King, YYou’ve got a friend

Jayam Kamil

James taylor, America beautiful

Connie britton

fall out Boy, Centuries

Cher, I hope you get it

Dj cassidy

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