Arson suspect detained after standoff, high-speed chase at Paramount ends

Paramount, California. (KABC) – A dramatic suspect was involved in the standoff with sheriff’s duties on Thursday morning after a high-speed chase ended on a residential street in Paramount.

The chase began shortly before 8 a.m. in Compton and later stopped at San Jose Avenue and Somerset Boulevard, where several patrol vehicles positioned themselves behind the suspect’s car.

A spokesman for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said the man was suspected of possibly attempting to set fire to his home after the provocation was reported.

After removing the apparently least-lethal bullets, smoke was seen emanating from the vehicle. At least one window of the car broke, shattering glass on the road.

Cases involving multiple suspects end with a PIT maneuver near Norwalk.

A small flame was visible inside the vehicle for about 30 minutes at the standoff. Deputies approached the passenger side and deployed the fire extinguisher, spewing a large cloud of retard, then backed away.

The suspect, who was suspected of possessing the weapon, remained inside the car, but went to the back seat.

Authorities later called three armored vehicles to the scene, which surrounded the driver’s two-door vehicle as the standoff continued.

Many houses had to be evacuated.

The deadlock continued for hours before authorities took the suspect into custody at 11 am

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